Interior Painting

The impact that your interior painting has on the atmosphere in your home or office should not be undervalued. The use of specific colours can influence different thoughts and moods, and a simple facelift can create that “new home” feel. That is why so many people love to update their ….

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of a house or building can be a major undertaking. The required level of preparation to an exterior is in most cases far greater than an interior, due to being completely exposed to the elements. The harsh conditions of the sun and heat in the summertime, and ….

Protective Coating

There are various protective coatings available for different surfaces. The most commonly used protective coating in residential projects is a translucent coating to protect woodwork. If you have a surface which you are particularly concerned about, ask us how we can protect it for you.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a highly durable 2-pac coating used on concrete flooring. It creates a smooth and easy to clean protective surface, which is also non-slip. Whilst it is most commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings, it is also popular in modern homes and is perfect for your residential garage ….

Decorative Finishes

If you want to create a high statement feature, then a decorative finish might be for you. These include: Limewash and colour wash Suede effect Textured stone effect Wallpaper Or are you decorating a children’s bedroom or toy room? Chalkboard paint is a real hit!

Colour Consultation

Want to create a fun new look but have no idea where to start in terms of colour? We have hundreds of colour cards for you to explore to ensure we achieve the look you desire. We will work with you and provide our expert advice to allow you to ….

Bagging and Roll-On Rendering

These are both decorative and protective finishes which can be applied to various exterior surfaces, to give your house a modern makeover. They are durable coatings which will bridge any existing hairline cracks in your masonry, and create a new textured look. Available in different shades, these methods provide affordable ….