Interior Painting

The impact that your interior painting has on the atmosphere in your home or office should not be undervalued. The use of specific colours can influence different thoughts and moods, and a simple facelift can create that “new home” feel. That is why so many people love to update their paint and décor.

A common mistake made in DIY projects, is not using the correct paint for the job. Using the wrong paint type on a substrate leads to peeling, flaking and formation of mould. As professionals we know the best products for the job, and we also spend a large amount of time preparing the surfaces to be painted. But let’s not forget the nice even roller marks and clean straight brush lines that we will achieve for you. We will use our knowledge and skill to achieve the highest quality finish and to ensure your project lasts.

We also know that durability is paramount when painting your home or office. We only use the highest quality paints, which not only extends the longevity of your painting finish, but also provides a washable, easy to clean surface.

Whether you are seeking a new look, or simply wish to revive your existing colour, let us do the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on the exciting redecorating aspects, and take pleasure in the finished product.